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ray lynch

My Name is Ray Lynch and my favorite color is BRIGHT! My work is an attempt to show people how I see the world, a world of light and form. A world of wonder and what could be, a place where liquid light pours like paint. A universe of glowing butterflies flitting about shimmering dancers. This world is where art and science mix to bring stunning images to life. This is my art, my world, my life.

Ray Lynch - King of NeonMy expressions glow, radiate and illuminate.

Neon art is an uncultivated field of possibilities. What I find most exciting is that neon art can span such a range of emotions that the adventures could take a lifetime to explore.

As professional glass blower, I have a unique understanding of both the physical and aesthetic properties of the glass. This gives me the ability to design, produce and install my own works. The works are not only manifestations of my visions, but also explorations of the boundaries of the glass itself. With each new project, I strive to expand the limits, both physical and philosophical, of my chosen media.